System Engineering

System Engineering provides services in the area of,

  • PCB design and Analysis
  • Library Management
  • Thermal Management
  • Mechanical CAD

Our Domain experts specializes in

  • High speed
  • High power
  • Pure Flex
  • Flexrigid

Our trained and qualified staff verifies, confirms and certifies adhering to the specifications and in accordance to the IPC standards. We have focussed expertise in the area of Telecom and Automotive segments with in-depth knowledge of designing PCB’s for various compliance standards.

We live in a high speed digital age where Signal Integrity and Power Integrity is necessary to ensure digital designs are right at the first time.

What is important? Which tools should be used for which scenarios? And most more importantly, How do you build a system models and interpret the results? Are your board level EMI/EMC aspects considered!!!

If you want the above challenges to be addressed then we are the right partner for you.