Intelligent Power and Control System

Wuerth Elektronik India - ICS (Intelligent Power and Control Systems) Headquartered in Mysore is one of the fastest growing divisions of Wuerth Elektronik India.

Wuerth Elektronik ICS offers printed circuit board - base solutions for power boards, display and control panels and electronic controls (ICCS). The company supports its customers in industry and the automotive market from the initial idea to serial production of the product and beyond. Our goal is to generate the competitive edge for our customers with our expertise and competence, by offering custom-made PCB solutions in the following areas:

Power management

We will help you to safely manage applications that involve high currents and high voltages. Our speciality is that we combine power, signals and intelligence into one system.


Our control modules are capable of solving both simple and complex logical tasks, and can easily be integrated into existing networks.

Compact size, low weight, quick installation, good resistance to environmental conditions and durability are the characteristic features of our products.

We always cooperate closely with our customers during development. Wuerth Elektronik ICS has a team of qualified staff ready to turn your product ideas into reality. Our Sales and Field Application Engineers (FAEs) can also support you on site.

Our aim is to achieve stable, long-term and successful partnerships both with our customers and our suppliers.


Economic Advantages

  • Substantial reduction of wiring harness

Installation Advantages

  • Easy and quick assembly (little effort and no special knowledge required)
  • Weight and space savings due to reduction of wiring harnesses
  • Volume of wire harness gets smaller, lighter and therefore more flexible to handle
  • Reduction of interfaces
  • Easy connection of modular units, e.g. voltage converters, IGBT modules. electronic controls, instrument cluster, switch panel etc...
  • Supply of completely assembled component groups on demand

Reliability and Flexibility

  • Better vibration resistance
  • High Mechnical stability
  • Low contact resitance, therefore less warming of the component group
  • Expandable through integration of additional circuits, substitute relays and fuse buses

ICCS - Intelligent Command and Control Systems