Computer Aided Manufacturing

Every PCB designers has a difficulty to understand manufacturers requirement! Equally so manufacturers can’t appreciate designers constraints. The midway is to establish a process which can liaison, represent manufacturers and also understands designers technically.

The cost driven approach compelled manufacturers to look for reliable, cost effective Front End Engineering services elsewhere. Fewer manufacturers were self-sufficient with in house sourcing, rest looked out for partnering with CAM service houses thus leveraging Technological skills and reduce cost and spare time for critical and time consuming process.

Wuerth Elektronik being both manufacturer and designer for Printed Circuit Boards also the being consumer, we understand the complete life cycle better than anyone else in the market.

Wuerth Elektronik has over 500 man years of CAM experience with expertise in,

  • Data handling
  • Performing DFM
  • DRC checks
  • CNC program generation
  • Stackup design
  • Signal Integrity check