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Our Quality

Manufacturing of circuit boards is a complex process of sequential and constructive process steps.

A satisfactory end-product requires that each of these process steps are executed smoothly and without complications

No working step can be retrospectively corrected! This makes one thing clear: 100% quality is at the focus of our daily work.

...is human

The human being is one of the most important factors in our holistic quality strategy. Therefore training and qualification of our employees is a key aspect of our quality policy. Furthermore, a well-functioning corporate suggestion scheme makes a significant contribution to quality perfection within the company.

Our trained and qualified staff confirms and certifies in adherence to the customer's specifications, also in accordance with IPC standards.

With a Robust front end engineering CAM tools and state of the art Quality lab at Mysore, we provide High Quality PCB's.

PCB Test Laboratory Offers:

Printed Circuit Board Reliability Testing: Qualification, Acceptance and Conformance

Reliability test conformance is the basic foundation for an printed circuit assembly (PCA).

There should not be any compromise in quality of your end product which costs you money due to failures and recalls. Wuerth Elektronik has its own state of the art PCB test laboratory performing qualification and conformation test on bare PCB. PCB testing including Cross section analysis of the PCB, lateral sectioning and analysis, thorough check of internal structure of the PCB, Hole wall quality, Solderability test, Di electric high voltage withstand test. All in accordance with the IPC standards.

We perform all the below test on the PCBs that we deal with, additionally we also provide testing service to companies in need of the reliability test on PCB.

The most commonly requested of the test lab from these specifications are outlined below.

  • Resistance to Solvents (Marking Ink Testing)
  • Solderability per J-STD-003
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Visual Exam per IPC-A-600 and/or IPC-A-610
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
  • Dimensional Inspection and Verification