Wuerth Elektronik India Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of the Würth India is characterized by mutual trust, predictability, honesty and straightforwardness in our dealings, in and outside the company.

Culture is our fingerprint, similar to others but distinct in business. Our culture motivates employees, improves their performance and coordinates their behavior towards company vision and goals. The transparent culture of WE creates a strong respect among employees, and enhanced mutual trust and cooperation across the business.

Core values of WE holds it an unrivalled organization. Core values and ethics are its business philosophies. WE integrated values into business philosophy. Thus values became a part of company culture. In WE, philosophy refers to a basic or core belief that starts with an individual and then expands to a group that is working and growing together.

WE are ...

... close – We are one family

The sturdy roots of a long-established, reliable, and owner-managed family company shape the way we deal with one another. This has enabled us to sail under a shared flag, undertaking a long and sustainable journey in which we navigate a sea of opportunities for assuming responsibility – for employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers, and business partners. We work together in an environment of trust and provide mutual support. This is something that we do not compromise on.

... passionate – We want to inspire

Working as a large, committed team, we have the wind at our backs. This generates a unique dynamic in which initial enthusiasm evolves into pure passion. We roll up our sleeves and set to work. We are pragmatic, brave, and full of curiosity and creativity. We always strive to meet the highest standards.

... competent – We have the expertise

As a leading manufacturer, we are happy to guide the way and steer you through all challenges – even in rough seas. Expertise is paired with new impulses and ideas, forming the basis for the development of innovative technologies and future-oriented products. We are open to treading new paths and act in a considered, consistent, and responsible manner. We value having the highest possible level of training, further qualification, and instruction that is both challenging and stimulating. Questions? Always welcome.

... authentic – We are genuine

We view individuality and authenticity as an opportunity, making us a reliable and trustworthy partner. Honesty, openness, and integrity are essential to the cooperative and fair manner in which we work together. We treat each other with respect. When everyone pulls together as part of a joint effort, this consistently leads to the creation of new solutions and products. We get it done!